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Career Transitions & Desired Lifestyle Program
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The Career Transitions and Desired Lifestyle Coaching Program focuses on aligning your passions, skills and values with the type of professional career (and/or new business) you are ready to revitalize and transition to. Typically, we can change careers 8-10 times over a lifetime. Often this is because our current job doesn't grow with our evolved core competencies, passions and strengths. 

In turn, a career transition can also help to advance a current career, and better align to a more meaningful and profitable new career. This program will also allow you to proactively explore with your coach how to stay and advance in your current career, or transition to a new one. All, with the support of your coach to provide the working transition framework, process, resources and one-on-one support. 

What also makes this program unique, is that it offers the opportunity to newly discover and transition to a new calling (if desired), leveraging acquired professional expertise, life experiences, new passions and a possible change in the type of desired lifestyle you currently want to explore and/or acquire (e.g. preferred places to live; preferred kinds of people to work with; establishing new goals, purpose and mission in life; preferred salary range; preferred working conditions; preferred overall lifestyle.)

Therefore, the primary objective of this program is to provide the supportive guidance and development of an integrated career and lifestyle roadmap. All with the purpose of developing a mindful path toward a more meaningful and profitable career + desired lifestyle.

6-8 Weeks Coaching Program (Consists of a one hour session, per week)  

The College Academic/Vocational Advising & Career Coaching Program focuses on providing students/clients with up-to-date academic, financial and career guidance. In particular, this program is designed for individuals who want to enter and/or go back to school (for Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate or Vocational degrees and/or professional certificates.) 

This program provides clients with expert academic / vocational degree (both in-class and online degrees); career planning, guidance on financial aid and grant opportunities, and a wide-breadth of information (and resources) on the most current, viable and profitable careers.

Additional "Success" Coaching Focus: This program is unique in its scope, since it also provides students/clients with a personal "success" coach emphasis. This emphasis provides an additional focus on motivating and holding the student/client accountable to their academic goal of obtaining a college degree and viable career.  

4-8 weeks Coaching Program (Consists of a one hour session, per week) 
The Second Act Career- Encore/Midlife (What's Next?) Coaching Program focuses on leveraging and re-inventing (and re-thinking) the second half of our lives (or the encore years). These years can be described as somewhere between mid-life and/or entering semi-or full retirement. With an emphasis on discovering and creatively mapping out a new focus and career, this program is designed to guide and support the entrance into this new, productive period of life.

Included in this program is individually-tailored guidance and development into potential profitable and/or social entrepreneurships. And, how to profit from your dreams and passions.

4-6 weeks Coaching Program (Consists of one hour session, per week)  
College Academic Program Advising & Career Coaching Program
Renaissance Soul/Creative Career Coaching Program - NEW!
Second Act Career - Encore/Midlife/Retirement (What's Next?) Coaching Program
The NEW Renaissance Soul/Creative Career Coaching Program focuses on providing a creative career design for innovative and creative clients who want to pursue their passions! In particular, this program is specifically designed for individuals who are "multi-gifted", with many passions and talents to just pick one! The program will provide the development, guidance, and coaching support for a pro-active road-map designed to tap into, and leverage, varied interests, passions, experiences, and expertise for a new, more fulfilling and profitable career. As an added feature, this program will also provide unique, meditation training for the creative mind.

4-Week Coaching Program (Consists of a one hour session, per week)   
Resume Development Career Coaching Program
​The Resume Development Career Coaching program focuses on providing clients with expert resume (digital, paper and online) design (format and style) and development (for various occupations) and posting-online support. A wide variety of resume (digital) designs/templates will also be provided to clients in this program.

3-Week Coaching Program (Consists of a one hour session, per week)  
Social Media /Job Searching/Creating Personal Brand Coaching Program- NEW!
The NEW Social Media/Job Searching/Creating Your Personal Brand Coaching Program provides a current understanding of social media/ networking, along with the development of an individually designed social media planning roadmap. The focus of the roadmap is to successfully develop a professional (social media) network to leverage job/careers and/or new business opportunities and professional contacts.

This program will also helps to create and promote a winning personal brand, along with speeding up job searches in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (e.g. Leveraging LinkedIn, TO FIND A JOB, SALES LEADS AND MARKETING YOUR SERVICES)

Job Searching Has Moved On-Line: This program will provide job hunters with a wide variety of online, Social Media resources (e.g. Linkup; LinkedIn; JobShadow; Youtube; Google +; Facebook; Twitter, Online Universities), along with a Social Media/Network (pro-active) career development and planning guide that leverages a wide variety of Social Media resources.  

4-weeks Coaching Program (Consists of a one hour session, per week - plus, Social Media resource workbook)  

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 Career Coaching Monthly Subscriptions: 

Areas of Focus

-Resume building
-Social Media Job Searching
-Personal Brand Development

-Monthly retainers (3 to 6 months) for each focus area. 

-$250 per month for: Resume development (two resumes, coaching support) 

-$200 per month for Social Media job searching (tools, coaching support) 

-$275 per month for Personal Brand Development and coaching support

- All career coaching consultations and programs fees are prepaid at the start of each consultation or program. 

- All career coaching subscriptions are paid at the start of each month.